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Classic Ceviche with Shrimp 🍤 MELISSA HORNUNG

Nothing says summer like Ceviche. This classic seafood and citrus salad is just about one of the healthiest choices you can make and fits into almost any diet given you aren’t allergic to shrimp! It is simple to make, light and decadent... not to mention, very chic!  

So get these ingredients, toss them together, don a bikini and a big hat, and find yourself pool side on the beach or in a boat and enjoy a heaping helping of this ceviche paired with a bubble glass full of rosé and call it a day. Your welcome 😜

What you’ll need:

1 pound of very good clean deveined shrimp chopped. I used Argentinian Red Shrimp uncooked and cooked it myself and then chilled over ice.  

1 large handful of fresh cilantro chopped stem and all. 

5 limes squeezed, sans pits 

1 medium onion chopped very fine 

1 large or 2 medium tomatoes chopped fine leaving behind the seeds and juice. 

1 medium pepper, red, green, yellow, orange, your choice, or mix them up and chop fine. About 1/4 cup

2 mini English cucumbers for extra crunch 

chopped fine. 

2 Avacados sliced for toppers. 

A dash of salt 

3 tablespoons of police oil. 

Mix all ingredients together except the avocado. Save that for the topper. Toss together in a decorative bowl. Serve on sale plates or a martini 🍸 glass and top with avocado slices extra cilantro and lime wedge and Voila! Refreshments and delight. 

Serve with salsa and blue chips. 

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