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Quinoa Mediterranean Tabouli MELISSA HORNUNG

Best way to kick off a summer season is with fresh, crisp, healthy salads and this one is a great place to start. Much like the traditional Mediterranean Tabouli, this one has the parsley, cilantro, spring onion and mint but with quinoa in place of bulgar wheat. This recipe is high in protein, low in calories but big on taste. And!  it’s plant based, paleo and Keto friendly.  

What you’ll need:

4 Roma Tomato’s 

A hand full of Parsley

A handful of Cilantro

A handful of fresh Mint 

3 Mini English cucumbers

4 spring onions 

2 cups Bone broth 

1 cup of cooked red quinoa or mixed.

Olive oil 

Seasoned salt 

Start by finely chopping all of your vegetables and herbs. Combine all chopped ingredients in a mixing bowl and mix together. Cook the quinoa in 2 cups of bone broth to one cup of quinoa. When the quinoa is cooked and then cooled, add to the vegetable mixture. Then drizzle with the desired amount of olive oil, lightly season, toss and chill. Serve over bib lettuce or alone as a side or snack. Deeelicious! 

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