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The Incredible Eatible Egg 🥚Does it Again! The Wild Mushroom Omelette with Garden Tomato Salsa 💃🏼

So as the blogging goes, eggs being one of my favorite targets, i.e. the eggs are free, eggs are the perfect go to on any given day.  They make a healthy snack too! 

Omelette’s are quick and easy to make and loaded with protein but non of the carbs, so you can get on with your day or night feeling super charged. 

Huevos con Salsa is one of my personal very favorite go too’s. 

Gather the following:


Mushrooms of your choosing 

Olive oil


Seasoned salt and pepper 


Grated cheese of your choice

What do you do?

Start by seasoning your pan with olive oil on a medium to high heat. Add a dollop of butter to the pan and add sliced mushrooms of your choosing, a little seasoned salt, some garlic powder and sauté. Whip up 3 eggs per individual omelette, and add to the mushrooms. Move the eggs around a bit in the pan with a wooden spatula then reduce heat to medium and cover until desired doneness. Around 5-10 minutes. Turn the eggs over with a spatula, fold over. Slide out of the pan onto a plate and top with salsa and sprinkle a handful of grated cheese, cheddar jack, Parmesan, Mexican blend, whatever you have.  

This is so surprisingly good and so simply. Enjoy! 

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