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Eggs Beautiful Healthy Eggs! MELISSA HORNUNG

While eggs have been labeled mostly a breakfast food in America, eggs are incorporated into most any meal around the world and right here in Meli’s Garden kitchen with our own chickens eggs . 

Try them on top of an organic grass fed hamburger, perfect for the those of you sticking to the Keto diet adding additional nutrients, vitamins and the healthy fats we need.  

Eggs that are organic, truly organic, outdoor free ranged, I mean chickens that actually run free, eat grass and bugs, see the sunlight and have a diet that consists of organic feed and scratch. These chickens produce the most healthy eggs contrary to its factory farmer counter part and they can be enjoyed any part of the day.

I incorporate eggs into a rice stir fry, crack them over grilled vegetables and broil. Top a pizza with a fried egg, it’s amazing. We were told for years that eggs elevavate cholesterol but they have since taken that off the list. With factory farming and chemical “enhancements” eggs got a bad health rap. If you put poison on broccoli,  that is going to be bad for you too. And they do. We need to be more sensible about the food we eat and consume and be aware of what goes into it or on top of it. Find out if there is a local farming co-op around you to receive locally grown organic food year round. The cost sometimes come out to be less than what you are spending now on your grocery bill, especially if you give up all of the processed pre-packaged foods. Oh, and don’t forget to load it all up in your re-usable grocery bag. Have an Eggsellent day!  🍳 🥚 🐓 

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