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The Art of Sunday Brunch MELISSA HORNUNG

Dining, as an art, is a celebration of life. It is for communing with our family and friends as well as sharing our gifts,  nurishing our bodies and soul. And while I usually promote healthy, organic dishes that are still decadent, this is a time to be slightly indulgent.  Like Thanksgiving dinner, brunch is a feast to savor, and where you choose to dine is equally as important as the food. 

So, choose well, pull the kitchen table outside and under a beautiful tree if it’s a lovely day or find a spot near a window or french doors. Make a special setting in an unusual place so that you feel like you are on vacation. Add flowers and candles, even a decorative table cloth and linen napkins. I like to find interesting artifacts around the house and incorporate it into a center piece like a silver vase or crystal candle sticks, maybe an interesting statue or figurine.  This is the time to break out the good china, the stuff that sits in the back of your cupboard or breakfront and collects dust. Be as creative and indulgent as you want to be. It’s Sunday, a time for recreation and thanksgiving. 

I choose to make eggs caprese and serve it with a side of seedless grapes and home made biscuits that I got from a local bakery here in town. I served those with Irish butter and my first time ever, home made peach preserves!! Oh and they are so good and worth all of the hassle that goes into it. You can also use them on roasted meats and on top of cheeses, but thats for another blog. 

Caprese Eggs for 2

6 Fresh from the farm eggs, we use ours, or farmers market eggs, make sure the chickens free range outside.  

1/2 pint of Cherry tomatoes sliced in half 

1 hand full of fresh Basil 🌿 

About 10 Fresh Mozzarella mini balls sliced in half. 

A few good sprinkles of Parmesan cheese

Salt and pepper. 

Get your pan good and hot on a medium high heat, add 2 tablespoons of butter, quickly scramble your eggs and add to the pan. Make sure all of your other ingredients are prepped and ready to go and add them all in while the eggs are half done (around 2 minutes). Stir them all toggger until the eggs are cooked to your likeness, about 5-7 minutes for medium eggs. I like mine a tiny bit wet. Add a few more sprinkles of Parmesan cheese, add quickly to each plate, garnish with grapes and add warm biscuits and serve with more butter and preserves. I like to have some sort of aperitif with my brunch, mimosas or a nice chilled rosé with this. 

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