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Crock Pot Curry! What? MELISSA HORNUNG

I’ve recently rediscovered my crock pot. I forgot how convinient it is and almost lmagical. Just load it up in the morning or the night before, refrigerate the basin, then  plug it in when ready, let it slow cook all day, about 8 hours on low setting, 4 hours on high and voila! Gourmet dinner for 2, 4 or 6 people waiting for you with no hastle of the evening clean up when all you want to do is curl up on the couch and loose yourself in Netflicks.  

Come home to the seeping aromas of curry spices! Like having your own private chef, dinner is served!  Well ok after the initial prep which will be done hours before dinner or the night before, you will see that it’s so quick and easy, you will soon forget you did anything at all and only remember the majesty of coming home to something warm and delicious. 🤩

So get started! Dig out that crock pot or barrow one from a friend. Oh hell, break down and spring for the $30 it will cost. I’ll be sending more healthy crock pot meals that you can use over and over again, even throughout the summer months. Wait until you try my crock pot tomato’s sauce! More about that on a later date. For this curry recipe I used chicken (almost becoming a full on chicatarien) but you can use what ever kind of meat, seafood or fish that you like, even keep it vegetarian, as this recipe is as flexible as they come. 

What you need:

A crock pot!

6 skinless, bone in, chicken thighs 

Celery stalks quartered up, about 4

Mini Red skin potatos, quartered up,    about 8 

Large onion, quartered big

Dried cranberries 

Carrots quartered up, 2-3

1 can of chick peas 

Fresh Turmeric grated (about the size of your thumb)

Fresh ginger root grated (same size as Turneric)

Curry Powder, 2 heaping tablespoons full and a few more shakes for good luck

Extra turmeick powder (because it’s a cancer fighter and a little more can’t hurt)

6 cloves of garlic (a natural antibiotic) 

Fresh cilantro, as much as you like, chopped up

Fresh Basil, same as the cilantro

Chili powder, about 6 shakes or more if you can stand it. 

Salt and pepper 

One cup of chicken stock

So throw it all in the crock pot, no particular order (so liberating!)  turn it on which ever setting will alot you enough time, low setting will give you about 8 hours or the high gives you 4. And abracadabra! You come home to a delicious home cooked meal! Your welcome 😜 

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