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Wow them with Roasted Cherry Tomato and Burrata on Broiled Garlic Ciabatta MELISSA HORNUNG

To say this appetizer or small plate entré is a home run is an understatement. This little polethra of flavors bursts in your mouth with a sweet, salty, buttery, garlic crunch. A savory yet simply way to say I love you. 

It all starts with sliced ciabatta bread smothered in garlic butter, olive oil and then broiled to a golden crunchiness with slightly darken edges. 

Best when you can find cherry tomatoes on the vine,  but any cherry tomatoes will do the trick. Drizzle with olive oil and place under a broiler until they start to bubble and even turn a bit black and candied around the edges. This takes about 3 or so minutes under a high broiler. Just enough to make them soft and juicy.

Once you have these two steps completed, all that’s left is a smear of burrata on each slice, top with the roasted cherries, salt and pepper to taste and artfuly add a glazing of a sweet balsamic if you would like to add a bit of tange. Then add a generous garnish of fresh basil leaves and voila! Delicioso! 

What you’ll Need:

For servings of 2

Two balls of Burrata Fresh Mozzerella  Cheese

1 package of Cherry Tomatos on the Vine (if you can find it) otherwise any cherries will do. 

Ciabatta bread sliced about half an inch thick

2 tbsp. Butter, I use Kerry Gold Irish Butter

Oilive oil, enough to cover two slices of bread

Garlic, either fresh 2 cloves or garlic powder the equivalent 

Fresh Basil leaves 

Salt and Pepper

First make your garlic ciabatta bread. I melted two tablespoons of butter and equal parts olive oil in a frying pan, then chopped two cloves of garlic, very fine and stirred that around in the pan, you can easily use powdered garlic for this step, sprinkling on top of the oil mixture, then put both slices face down in the pan so they can both soak up the olive oil and butter mixture. Then on a cookie sheet I put them both face up, oiled side up, and the. under a high broiler for about 3 minutes and watch until it turned a golden brown with darkened edges. Then, I set it aside. 

Next,  I put the cherry tomatoes on a cookie sheet and drizzled with olive oil and set them under the broiler on high for 3 minutes and watch until they started to bubble and turn a bit black in some areas. Then set aside. 

Next,  I sliced a buratta ball open from the center and smeared it on a slice of the broiler ciabatta and did the same to the other. Then I set the cherry tomatoes vines on top, dusted with salt and pepper, use your discretion here, topped with basil leaves and a drizzle of balsamic glaze and served warm. Voila! Delicioso! 

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