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Soul Soothing Chocolate!  York Confection is Born! MELISSA HORNUNG

As necessary as it is to have air to breath our soul requires love to thrive and nothing says love to the soul quite like Chocolate. Not just for Valentine’s Day either and with the birth of York Confections, any time is a good time to indulge!  

Founded by my dear friend and favorite team mate Angela York. Not only is she a consummate professional on the polo field, she is sweet from the inside out and pours that right into her latest creation of tantalizing treats.  

York Confections Chocolates are hand crafted with a special selection of pure and whole ingredients, including the finest Belgian chocolate and organic raw chocolate coming from her local Colorado suppliers. She makes everything herself adding an extra helping of love to each unique piece and giving them their own unique characteristics with a sprinkle of nuts, dried fruits or a brush stroke of painted confection perfection!!   

These chocolates are simply to die for and  in an assortment of flavors that will make your mouth sing such as Irresistible creamy caramel centers that ooz out of a smooth milk chocolate heart shaped shell, peanut butter melt aways, needs no further description, hazelnut java crunch and chocolate covered cherries like you have never tasted before. 

She even has a healthy organic raw dark chocolate bark for those most health conscious even when indulging. Me, I go for the richest! Cover me with caremel!! 

York Confections has a website under construction but send all orders and inquiries to

And while the website is not yet live check back soon! 

PS....her packaging is not only athletically special but environmentally friendly to help save the planet!! 😍

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