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Unless you are Argentine or have been exposed to the Argentine culture you probably don’t have the slightest idea of what an ASADO is. Without getting into the complicated nitty gritty of all of the appropriate details, the ASADO is the Latin version of BBQ.  Classically you will see many cuts of meats in different varieties including, organs, sweet breads, ribs, strip and skirt steaks, tenderloin, pork, beef,  even blood sausage, and on occasion,, some chicken. One of the key distinctions is how it is prepared, simply with some course salt, no added sauces or flavorings, and cooked, slow over coals of burning wood that is constantly monitoring, stirred and managed.  Once the meat is cooked it is usually served to each individual by the one who prepared it and then they are free to help themselves to sides of green or tomatos salads, avocados, grilled vegetables and often times bread. Red wine is usually the choice of drink and it usually means dining al fresco. 

ASADO is a ritualistic way to celebrate a meal and usually involves the gathering of good friends and family. 

ASADO’s can also be enjoyed simply with the one you love ❤️ 

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