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Champagne and Caviar! MELISSA HORNUNG

There’s a reason these little Grey pearls stake their reputation on elegance and luxury, when paired with the right condiments, nothing says celebration like champagne and caviar! 

Now that Beluga Sevruga Sturgeon Caviars are out of our reach for no less than $2000 for a 17 oz canister, there are many other producers of caviar that will have your guests gossiping that it might be boot leg beluga. Brands like “Kelley’s Katch”,  a fresh American Paddlefish Caviar, “Marky's”, Siberian Sturgeon Caviar from Italy”,  and the classic Petrossians Caviars in a variety of types can all be ordered online and shipped directly to your home at prices ranging from $30 on up to $845 depending on the type of caviar, the brand and the size of the canister. 

Petrossians is one of the most well known name in Fine Caviars, founded in Pairis is widely available in the United States and online ranging in prices of $32 on up $1000 and they boast having many varieties of Caviars from around the world. 

Beluga Surgeon Caviar, the original and most prestigious of Caviars known to man goes for about $2000 per 17 oz canister and is also available online. Be my guest. I mean, I’d like to be yours rather! 

Marky’s is a brand that offers a beluga “hybrid” caviar. 0.5 oz for $63 online and can also be found at specialty grocery stores like Fresh Market and and sometimes Whole Foods during certain times of the year. 

Kelley’s Katch is a family favorite and compliments of my brother David, we had some for Christmas! This 4oz tub of American Paddle Fish caviar is about $63 plus shipping. Served the way I did with capers, chopped onions and egg, home made bellini’s (tiny pancakes) and a dolup of crème fraishe, you won’t be missing the  Beluga. Mild in taste, the flavor is savory never fishy and these little gems will delight even the most experienced of caviar conesuiers. At any rate, we devoured it and it was simply delishious! Make sure you keep your caviar on ice even during presentation. Also, warning, be careful it doesn’t sink into the water when the ice melts! And, don’t forget to chill the champagne ahead of time! 

I serve mine with the creme fraishe on the bellini first, then top with a scoop of caviar, and sprinkle with egg, onion and a few capers. I chase mine down with some Perrier Jouet, my personal favorite and voila! I’m in Pairis! Not too late to order for New Years Eve! Worth the effort. Happy New Year! 

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