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More About Curry! The Cornicopia of Salads! MELISSA HORNUNG

So on occasion I cut corners in our meal preparation and this recipe is one of those times. I always say the very best bargin at your local grocer is the rotisserie chicken. This one is even organic. It actually cost less to buy this fully prepared entrée then it is to buy it raw and cook it yourself at home. Not even considering all of the time that it takes to do so, this little convenient item is high on my list of on the fly meal planning. And, there are so many things you can do with it! Exhibit A, this glorious chicken curry salad! Fruity, nutty, meaty, a bit spicy but always satisfying, this salad can be served with lettuce wraps, over a bed of mixed lettuce or straight out of a bowl. 

It’s really so easy too. I use mostly the white meant, cut it from the bone and cube it up small then toss it into a medium mixing bowl. I chop up the following and toss it in with it: onion, celery, grapes sliced, peacans chopped, basil, dried cranberries and mix it all together with enough mayonaaise to make it moiste. Then add your curry to taste. I put in at least two heaping tablespoons full. Then simply stir it all together and serve it any way you see fit! 

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