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More Curry! Add Some Spice to Your Life!  MELISSA HORNUNG

I was a novice to spice myself until I started experimenting with currys and hot peppers. Studies show that cultures who eat a lot of spicy food like curry, have a much lower heart attack and stroke ratio mainly due to the fact that these agents of spice lower inflammation in the body as well as cholesterol. It’s food you can definitely feel good about and it’s an acquired taste that you will eventually crave. I was so proud of myself for number one, being able to conquere the culinary challenge of curry but also that I could eventually take the heat. Try adding curry to your favorite chicken soup recipe, salads and seafoods. It puts a different spin on an ordinary dish and it’s so good for you in aiding in the prevention and management of diseases as well as your over all health. And while it cools the body and cleanses the blood, nothing warms you up as well as something a bit spicy in your belly on a cold winter day. Yes winter is coming! 

Below is my Curry Chicken Soup recipe

Skinless chicken thighs (bone in for added flavor and extra bone broth) 

A box of organic bone broth 

Coconut oil, expeller pressed, organic, 2 tablespoon

Onion, cubed, large 

Carrots, chopped, rough 

Broccoli chopped 


Garlic, chopped 

Ginger root, grated 

Tumerick root,  grated 

Curry spice,  3 tablespoons or to taste 

1 hot pepper I use jalapeño, chopped fine

Dried cranberries 

Salt and pepper to taste 

In a large soup pot or dutch oven, sauté your chicken thighs in coconut oil until brown, add all other ingredients, stir it all together and sauté some more, about 5 minutes. Add bone broth, boil and then simmer for 30 minutes. Take out the chicken thighs with a fork and cut the meat off of the bone, cube and return to the pot. If you prefer you can cut boneless skinless chicken thighs into cubes before perpetration instead to bypass this last step. Serve warm with a glass of red or white wine. Feel the spice and breath. 

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