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Quick Easy and Delicious Organic Veggie Pizza! MELISSA HORNUNG

Piled high with your favorite veggies, this little healthy delight is not only quick and easy, it’s out of this world Muy Ricco!!! Light and crispy and full of flavor, you will think you are doing something bad! But what a great way to get in more vitamin packed fresh veggies at the end of the day while indulging on this almost guilt free meal or snack. We had ours fire side with a bottle of red wine. 🍷  🍕 🔥 

How easy it is in a nut shell!! 

It’s starts with a store bought organic gluten free frozen Pizza. I recommend brands like Amy’s. Neumann’s also has a great organic frozen Pizza Margarita that is good in a pinch when you can’t find a good gluten free. I’ve even used Red Barron Super Supreme. Makes a nice base but it’s neither organic or gluten free and not as healthy as the organic gluten free brands. 

Here’s where the magic comes in:

Pile your Pizza high with your favorite slices veggies like peppers of all color, zucchini, mushrooms, onions, sliced tomato, anything you would like. 

Arrrange it on your Pizza and drizzle with olive oil, even the crust, sprinkle with Italian cheese grated, a bit of salt, pepper and garlic power. Fresh Basil if you’ve got it.

Place on the center of the oven rack at the temperature suggested on the box and bake until the edges are dark brown or slightly blackened.

Take out and drizzle a little extra olive oil, especially on the crust. Slice and serve.

It’s just SO good!!!! 

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