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Have You Been to Your Local Farmers Market Lately?                         MELISSA HORNUNG

So you don’t have a green thumb, your garden is all dried up, or you need supplemental garden goodness. Look to your local Farmers Market not just for the abundant produce but for so many reasons that might surprise you. 

First, you are supporting your community as well as the small farming industry. 

Secondly, the produce from these markets are locally grown and fresher. Third, I t’s a healthier source of food and you know where it’s coming from.

Many of your small farms use very little pesticides and some not any at all however, they aren’t obliged to call themselves organic because of the government “standard”. All you have to do is ask and most are willing to divulge just how they grow their crops.  

And the last reason to go to your local Farmers Market is, it’s fun! You have the pleasure of being outside in an open air market and gazing at all that is good on, people watching, lots of friendly dogs on leash, food sampling and often times, like here in Lexington, there is live Blue Grass music. A weekend farmers market is a good excuse to get out and have a great time. 

Oh and that’s not all, while receiving the dual benefit of a good time, you are retrieving some delicious, local, farm fresh goodness for your table! Being healthy is a life style, it’s not just all about what you eat, but it’s everything combined. Enjoying the ritual that leads up to your next meal might be an adventure worth pursuing. So find out where your local Farmers Market is and make a day of it.  You might find that being healthy, eatting healthy,  has never been this much fun! 

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