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The Season of Sauté......cha cha cha! MELISSA HORNUNG

Savory Herb Chicken pan sautéed in olive oil and its own juices.

Fall cooking is my favorite really. With all the excitement of a new season and the change of menu and method, cooking becomes a symbol of warmth and comfort. Chicken on the grill transitions into the pan and sautés with herbs instead and marinates in its own juices. The key is to get your pan really hot, add a layer of olive oil, season your chicken, then lay in the pan starting it right side down and let it brown. (Intentional ryme 😜👍🏻) Then top with your herbs and seasonings and continue cooking until it's golden brown on both sides. I chose rosemary and sage from the garden and added minced garlic and of course my favorite seasoned mix McCormicks Montreal Season Steak blend. (You'll get tired of hearing me mention that)  You can add your favorite flavors and be creatve. Once things get browned up, turn the chicken over and cover. The whole process takes about 20 minutes. You will see a brown layer on the bottom of the pan form, this is were the magic comes in. Choose between wine, beer or chicken stock...even a little cognac would be nice, and douce it in the center of the pan, about 1 cups worth. It wil spittle and sizzle and at the same time, at this point you'll need to be shaking things around inside with the pan handle and spatula until a carmel sauce is formed. Pour this over the chicken after it is plated and serve with your choice of side. I did chopped sautéed "end of the garden" vegetables. Zuccinni, onion, mushroom and herbs. Really so simple yet the the complexity and flavors of this dish will pleasantly surprise. 

Mouth watering vegetable and herb Sauté 

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