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Spanish Tortilla

Think of the Spanish Tortilla as an egg soufflé or an omelette pie with potatoes and onion stacked in thin layers. I use a mandolin to get the potatoes paper thin as well as the onion. This recipe is quite simple. I use about three potatoes and one medium onion, once you have them sliced,  cover the bottom of an omelette pan with olive oil and a little bit of butter. Sauté over a medium high heat until there is a little bit of golden brown around the edges. then, scramble around 10 eggs and pour it in the pan over the potato and onions. Reduce the heat to medium, and with a wooden spoon or spatula, move the eggs around a little bit so that it cooks evenly for about five minutes. Reduce the heat a bit more and cover until cooked through around 15-20 minutes making sure that it is not getting too brown on the bottom. Once the tortilla is fully cooked flipped over onto a decorative plate, slice in to triangle pieces and topped with homemade salsa. Check the Meli's Garden Facebook site for the homemade salsa recipe soon to be posted on the blog website. Bueno! 

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