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Views From Heaven

I think of heaven as a place where all things are in perfect harmony. When I walk to the top of our back pasture and see our horses, heads down, grazing, manes and tails blowing is the constant breeze, I can't imagine a more beautiful view or a place more peaceful than this. In the words of our creator "on earth as it is in heaven" for certain this is demonstrated here. The world has a perfect harmony and order all on its own, no intervention needed. The earth automatically turns on its access, the trees turn shades of red, gold and green,  animals gather nuts, grow a bigger coat and hyberbate to prepare for the next season, winters come and go, the tides rise and receed, oxygen and gravity keep us all alive and grounded. It's amazing really. We use the term "feeling one with nature", perhaps there is a reason why we feel at ease when we are in the great outdoors, deep in the woods, birds chirping in the distance, a rustling brook, a creeking tree, the smell of cedar and pine, fresh snow. If you close your eyes and imagine any of these things you can almost channel all of these senses. When I look at my horses grazing in the pasture, I marvel at the perfection of these moments and I can think of no more spectacular view. 

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