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Monday Brunch

Brunch should not be limited to Sunday, in fact this decadent weekend luxury reserved mostly for extravigence can be enjoyed any time really. Especially for those who follow paleo, steak and eggs can't be any more perfect. I found it was just the right thing to start our Labor Day celebratory events consisting mostly of relaxation and indulgence. We have so many sitting areas around the farm to dine at, all with gorgeous panoramic farm views overlooking our horses, chickens donkeys, neighboring tobacco farms and my sunflower garden that finally gave way to her jurassic yellow blooms. Because we live on a high plato we catch a constant breeze as well. So, starting the day out this way on one as beautiful as this must ensure the rest of the day will be as sweet.

There is no real recipe for steak and eggs however, to make this dish really gourmet relies soley on the quality of the ingredients you acquire. I selected a filet mignon from a local organic free range farm that has grass fed meat. We don't eat much meat but when we do, it's grass fed organic. The eggs are from our chickens, thank you girls and the tomatoes from my garden. I pan fried the meat with McCormicks Montreal Seasons Steak (it's a secret ingredient I use often), garlic salt and butter. Once a brown crust is formed on both sides. I call it done, we like a medium rare temperature. Then I do the eggs in the same pan to absorb the flavors. I chose a tomato from the garden for accompaniment and some shitaki mushrooms that I sautéed with butter and garlic and poured over the meat that was sliced and fanned out on the plate. I sometime add fruit like grapes or oranges for garnish, it just depends on what I have access to at the time. That's the way I cook. So get creative and make it your own. Important thing is good quality ingredients, seasoning and style and most importantly, your own special blend of TLC.

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