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Have Horses Will Travel

My Garden isn't limited to the farm. We love to take the horses on outings and when we do, our style and ambiance comes with us. Spontanatity struck hard on Sunday morning and we decided to pay homage to our good lord by enjoying the beautiful weather in an unexplored area of Kentucky. We found a lake that has miles of trails designated for horses and lovely shaded pin nic areas with wooden tables and grills. They even had a water trough for us with fresh water for the horses and a hose for rinsing and cooling them off after our ride and it was all free. In fact there was no check in at all, just sign letting us know that we had come to the right place and a map telling us where else we could go. Amazing what you can find when you have the ambition to examine the gems in your own back yard.

We started our ride off with this gleaming sense of adventure, miles of trails and the whole day ahead of us. Its always exciting to bring your horse to unscathed territory as you both discover all of the different sights and the wonder of what's ahead of you. It's fun to imagine how the early settlers would have viewed the world from the back of their horses coming into an area that they might claim as their own and just like that, set up their log cabin living. We imagined how life was so different without a barrage of constant technological interruptions, our fast paced lives and need for constant creature comforts and material convieninces. No out here, it's life on the lamb, just you and some Jurassic sized horse flies. And after a day of dealing with the elements, just you and your horses, the heat, the sweat and yes the flies, there's. Orbit better than getting back to camp and enjoying a lovely pic nic of imported cheeses and a great bottle of red wine. I recommend seeking some high adventure to put things into peesceptive. There is no better prescription for a hectic life like time spent in nature.

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