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Mind Body Soul and Stomachs?

Our body works in sync like a well oiled machine. One thing is connected to the other, and our stomachs govern many things. Even our ability to digest properly is affected by our emotions and state of mind. So it's important not only to feed our bodies with what it needs but we need to feed our souls as well. Make the whole dining experience a relaxing, mind altering occasion, set a proper table, make it an event. Whether your style is casual or formal, create some sort of soothing ambiance as your back drop so you can leave behind your busy day. We all deserve that and not just on holidays. I don't mean to bring in violins or a wine steward , although I like your style, but it can be as simple as it is effective. Nothing is more mood altering than candle light and soft music tinkling in the back ground. Be creative and use what you have access to. Decorate your table with the unexpected, get out your grandmothers china, let the petals fall all around or remove the flowers completely from their stems and scatter them in the center of the table. Our mind, body, souls and stomachs are all alined, so make sure you are feeding them with equally care and every meal will be as memorable and nourishing as the last. Namaste

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