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Daily Green

While I am not a certified nutritionist and at the risk of sounding preachy, it seems our grandmother was right. "Eat your vegetables!" your life just may depend on it. Vegetables are loaded with life giving enzymes, energy, immune building properties and healing powers. And because I do believe in part that an apple a day in many ways keeps the doctor away, I make sure that one goes into my green drink every day too. This one in particular is my favorite brew and gives me more energy than a triple shot of espresso. True story. After coming full circle from powdered green supplements, fruit filled smoothies and frapaccinos, I finally arrived at the perfect blend of what I call Green Gold. There is nothing that can replace whole fresh and organic food. Especially when it comes right out of the ground in your own back yard. Not all of us has the time or luxury to have access to a home garden but most all of use are close to a Whole Foods Market type or local farmers market. I always ask if it's organic. That said, green veggies like cucumber and celery with some other added ingredients just may be the part of what makes up the fountain of youth. You would be amazed at how much nutritional value is in celery and cucumbers alone! Two vegetables I once thought of as mostly water and vacant of nutritional value. Not true at all, those two little gems mixed with apple, fresh ginger, lemon and turmeric is said to stave off the common cold or flu, it alleviates the symptoms of many ailments like arthritis and pains associated with many ailments or many cure them all together. Many believe a concentration of certain vegetables like these along with other fruits vegetables, roots and mushrooms could be the cure for cancer. And because I believe that this drink, a healthy lifestyle, exercise and diet could be the key to long life and health, I'm happy to share. But be aware, in addition to its attributions for good health, the side effect could include: glowing skin, increased energy and the loss of unwanted pounds. Cheers!!

The first thing you'll need is a good juicer. Not the kind you use for orange juice either. A juice extractor is completely different. We chose a brand called Breville and it ordered on Amazon, it came in a few days and marked the beginning a life change for both of us. It's important that you get a juicer that doesn't compromise the live enzymes of the vegetables and fruit. Breville was one that did the right thing at a good price. So here is the rest of what you'll need. Have fun!

Meli's Perfect Green Drink

I large cucumber

4 stalks of celery

1 medium apple

Fresh ginger root, a thumb sized piece

Fresh turmeric root, same size as ginger

1 half of a whole lemon (yes rind and all)

Add all ingredings in your juicer, garnish with a celery stalk, drink, enjoy and feel the energizing power of this life giving drink. You can add other things to your personal drink as well like, carrots, beets, pineapple, oranges for example. Make it your own and you'll see how being healthy never tasted so good!

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