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Ruby Red Tomato, Basil and Burrata

This one is so simple like most brilliant things, simplicity is the key. We wait with baited breath every season for our tomatoes to ripen and when they do, this is the first go to dish on the farm. Pick the ripest tomatoes in the garden or you can find some at your local farmers or whole food markets and pair is with a bundle of basil. Equally as important is finding a creamy burrata cheese, an imported item found at most of your specialty food stores or super grocers like whole foods, or your local big brand super market. I haven't found too many who would pass on the splendor of this decadent dish and oooooh its so good. I find that this makes a tantalizing appetizer and a compliment to most any meal or rather as a meal in itself if you prefer. You'll want to top it off with an olive oil drizzle and balsamic glaze adding to the aesthetic appeal while at the same time adding flavor to your palate.

Creamy Burrata and Ripped Tomatos and Basil

Here's what you'll need:

4 Ruby Red Ripe Tomatos, locally or garden grown

A bundle of Basil

2 Fresh Burrata cheese balls

Olive Oil

Balsamic Glaze

Salt and Pepper

Slice your tomatoes and arrange them artfully on a decorative plate, I line them up line them up like dominos in a circular pattern and slightly stacked. Place Burrata balls on top of your arrangement and cut them open and let them spill out over the tomatoes. Chop your basil and sprinkle it around on top. Drizzle with first olive oil, season to taste and then squeeze your balsamic glaze in a a linear pattern over the entire dish. And Voila! Delicsiousness extraordinaire!

Makes a yummy indoor winter treat as well!

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