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The Hand Made Margarita

Shaken or stirred, I departed from tequilla in my early 20's after an unpleased bout with some José

Cuervo. José became enemy number one in my book of libation until one day, I met Casamigos and I was friends again with this clear liquid brew. A tequila introduce to America by George Cloney and Randy Gerber, two Hollywood power houses. So, you might say, could it really be that good or is it a commercial gimmick. I can tell you that there is no tequila smoother and, it has become my number one choice of drink. Mixed with my special lime, lemon and orange notes, there is really no drink this refreshing on a balmy summer evening on the farm. I like mine without salt, but feel free to add what you like.

What you need:

Casamigos Tequila


1/2 Organic Orange

1/2 lemon

1/2 lime


crushed ice

In a rocks glass pour one full shot of Tequila over crushed ice that is filled to the rim. In a mixer tumbler Squeeze the juice of 1/2 orange 1/2 lime and 1/2 lemon. in a separate glass, Mix 2 large tsp of honey with a 2-3 tsp of very hot tepid water, stir and add to the citrus mixture. Add as much of this sweet mixture as desired to taste, I add a few tsp full. then top with a splash of water, stir pour over ice and garnish with a wedges of lime, lemon, orange, your choice and a sprig of mint.

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