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Seasoned Peel and Eat Shrimp and Avocado Shrimp Salad

Welcome to Meli's Garden! My life in Kentucky is a full on farm way of living. Gardening takes center stage here in the summer months and we eat what we grow, supplement with fresh produce from the local farmers market and implement the eggs from our chickens, as well as take full advantage of the lean organic, grass fed meats in ample supply here along with some fish and seafood. When I cook, I don't exactly plan past, what we have access to at that moment, I do have certain staple entreés that are easy "go to's" which I will happily share but, its more like an idea that develops in my mind just before preparation. The basis however, of every meal, is centered around nutrient packed greens, fresh herbs, vegetables, a choice of meat or gluten free pasta and the compliment of fruits, nuts and just the right amount of exotic and common seasonings that give each dish a little extra flavor without masking the taste.

This way of eating has been a slow progression, trading my traditional ways of heavy richness and foods ladened with saturated animal fats and dairy for meals that are lighter and prepared with vegetable based fats and ingredient that are easier to process and digest. Easier on the waistline too. In fact, my husband and I have both watched the pounds drop off while indulging in a dietary life style that leaves us fulfilled and enchanted. We juice quite a bit in place of expensive vitamins. this practice has given us extra energy and gives us a peace of mind that we are getting in all of the required nutrients and live enzymes to live longer and healthier.

Unlike what you might think, eating healthy doesn't mean you have to give up taste. On the contrary, through this blog you will be introduced to a world of whole foods that when combined, will change the way you look at eating for life. In fact, you may discover that this way of cooking and eating is not only simple but simply delicious. I've heard many proclaim that they don't know how to cook, but I say all you have to do is apply yourself and learn the basic foundation of what taste good. The rest is what you make of it.

That said, I will share with you my ways. It involves a feeling, a passion and an understanding for what is pleasing to your taste buds. Through this blog, I will be sharing my own creations but I encourage you to make them your own, which is the core of becoming a cook. The point of this blog is to share what some have called a talent, my recipes, the gardens, my passion, our funny farm life and its inhabitants, our joys and adventures. To "eat'ch his own."

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